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Maximize Your Sales: Strategically Partner With Us To Close More Listings Faster

3 Ways We Can Help You Close More Deals & Generate More Commissions

  1. Listings you don’t want and do not meet your broker criteria (ie Listings that are less than $1 million in revenues)
  2. Current listings that have been on the market for over 3 months with NO buyer/investor interest
  3. Those sellers willing to do a minority/partial or 2 stage acquisition - Click here for one case study on how we help with 2 stage acquisition

Welcome to 360 Venture Acquisitions, where we help business brokers close more listings by partnering with them as a strategic business development partner. We understand that our investors are very selective, and qualified buyers are more sophisticated in today’s market, making it increasingly challenging to close deals. Economic forces threatening growth only add to the pressure, making it critical to have a strategic partner such as our company who can see the business through the eyes of a buyer and lender, providing brokers with the tools they need to prepare for any upcoming challenges in closing deals.

At Menture Inc, successful transactions start with understanding the numbers and the owner’s vision. The current market is flooded with sellers who want to fund their next life stage, whether retirement or something else. Retirement is the most significant factor, with 70% of all businesses owned by people over 55. With 8,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 years old every day until 2029, the market will continue to be flooded with companies for sale.

This age wave creates a numbers problem that can be addressed through a strategic partnership. Our firm provides business brokers the support they need to successfully navigate this market, even as the buyer pool shrinks. As a strategic business development partner, we help brokers see their business through the eyes of potential buyers, anticipating challenges and providing solutions that make it easier to close deals.

Furthermore, we understand that the available buyers for these listings – Generation Xers – are a group that is smaller and more focused on personal happiness than hard work. Many are unsure if they want to buy what is being sold. This leaves a gap in the market that can be addressed through a strategic partnership with our firm. We provide brokers with the expertise they need to help sellers understand the value of their business, positioning it to sell more quickly and at their desired price.

At Menture Inc, successful mergers and acquisitions start with a strong partnership between brokers and a strategic business development partner. Let us help you close more business listings and navigate the challenges of the current market.

The Challenge of Selling Business Listings

Partner with Us to Overcome Common Challenges and Close More Deals

We understand that selling a business can be a challenging process for brokers. It’s no secret that 80% of business listings don’t sell, and of those that do, 90% don’t get their asking price. These roadblocks include finding qualified buyers, negotiating deals, and managing the sale process.


However, the critical factor determining whether a business will sell or not is the level of SDE/EBITDA. At Menture Inc, we specialize in aligning with owners’ expectations of their company’s value. By doing so, we help create a business acquisition target that addresses the material factors of value that investors and lenders look for.


Let us help you address common challenges to closing more deals. Here are just a few examples of how partnering with us can benefit your current listings:


1) Owners With Unrealistic Price Expectations

Many owners believe in sweat equity and expect to set an exit price based on it. However, it doesn’t exist in a sale. Instead, an appraisal can provide an informed opinion about the business value. This allows a seller to decide if the asking price will be enough to move on from the business. It also provides confidence that the decision to sell is sound with family and partners. A business valuation also puts less strain on a transaction and shows preparation and forethought. Most importantly, it saves time and money in the long run.


2) Sourcing and Attracting Buyers/Investors With Financing Secured To Your Listings

Finding buyers and securing financing can be a significant hurdle for many companies. With millions of businesses in the United States, getting the price you want for your business will be difficult. 


Here are some stats to consider

  • 33.2 million businesses in the United States.
  • 29.2 million of those employ less than 20 people.
  • 13.1 million owners at or near retirement age and only… 62,000 SBA Loans were made in 2022


Buyers and investors have become more sophisticated in their evaluation process. Therefore, they are looking for companies with past solid financial performance, recurring revenue, defensive moats, transferability, high customer lifetime value, low seasonality, and a unique product or service.


Partnering with us can help you attract the right buyers and investors for your business listings. We have a vast network of qualified buyers and investors with secured financing, ready to invest in the right opportunities.


Our team can provide support and expertise to help package your listing and make it an attractive acquisition target. By addressing these key factors, we help you increase the likelihood of a successful sale and the seller will get the price they desire! 


Some additional factors that investors consider when evaluating if a business is worth investing in are: (Source)


  1. Profitability: Cash flow will provide the buyer not just with money to take home but also financial leeway to take the necessary risks to scale the business.
  2. Recurring revenue: Monthly and annual recurring revenue indicate financial stability and a tighter relationship between the business and the customer base.
  3. Average Order Value (AOV): AOV tells you the average amount spent per order, and it allows an investor to assess and make decisions on customer buying patterns.
  4. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): CLV shows how much a customer will make repeat orders. This metric points to customer satisfaction and return on marketing spend.
  5. Recession-proof: A business that can do well during a recession demonstrates resilience and stability – two things investors will love about a business.
  6. Low seasonality: Some products are highly seasonal, such as gifts, so low seasonality also points to financial stability, with projections that are easier to forecast.
  7. Low concentration: A business that doesn’t have product or supplier concentration will not suffer if one product or supplier stops working. This ensures no one product or supplier is a single point of failure, which is a major risk for any investor.
  8. Defensive moats: Anything that allows a business to maintain its competitive edge over its competitors, defensive moats help lower the investment risk. 
  9. Unique product or service: A business can compete either through cost or differentiation, so having a product or service that is unique and even superior to competitors is important. Effective product differentiation allows sellers to gain a competitive advantage.
  10. Market size: Market size is an indicator of the potential for new business, product, or service, and points to how high the ceiling is for your business.
  11. Staff organization: Employees can be a liability if there are too many, not enough, or not the right ones. An investor will want to know how you team is made up and if they will transfer over upon closing.
  12. Transferability: Transferability of a business from the seller to the buyer is key in minimizing risk. The last thing an investor wants is for the current cash flow to vanish upon closing because the seller was able to hold the business together in a way that you can’t. 


At Menture Inc, we understand the challenges brokers face in selling business listings that may need to be more attractive to potential buyers. We recognize that brokers often come across listings with undesirable profits, stagnant listings, minority sales or partial acquisitions, and growth partnerships that are difficult to close. Our Investment Management and Business Development Firm has over 250 years of combined experience. We have access to a group of private investors with access to capital of up to $10 million+ on attractive deals.


Our expertise and resources put us in a unique position to help brokers improve the investor readiness of companies that are interested in being listed. By partnering with us, brokers can expect to close more deals sooner and generate higher commissions. We work closely with our clients to help them implement or optimize the traits of sellable businesses, making it easier for brokers to secure interested investors and complete the acquisition process.


We provide tailored solutions to address the specific challenges faced by each business, such as improving accountability, implementing systems and processes, measuring KPIs, defining strategies and planning for the future, managing growth, building teams, and creating a culture of execution and alignment, among others. With our guidance, brokers can help their clients overcome the obstacles that might otherwise deter buyers from considering a purchase.


Partnering with Menture Inc means that brokers can offer their clients access to a wider network of strategic buyers, expert negotiation skills, and a streamlined sales process. We help brokers close more deals, even those that may have seemed impossible to close. With our expertise, experience, and access to capital, we can help brokers take their businesses to the next level and increase their success.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us

Menture Inc specializes in helping companies overcome their most significant business challenges that may serve as barriers to eager investor interest. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide brokers with the resources needed to sell their business listings faster and more effectively. When partnering with us, brokers can expect to experience the following benefits:


1) Access to a more extensive network of strategic buyers: One of the biggest benefits of partnering with us is that brokers gain access to our extensive network of strategic buyers. Our network consists of qualified buyers who are actively seeking to invest in businesses in various industries. By partnering with us, brokers can increase their reach and attract more interested buyers, resulting in a higher likelihood of closing the deal.


2) Expert negotiation skills: Negotiation is critical to any business deal, especially when selling a business. Our team of experienced negotiators has a proven track record of successfully closing deals and maximizing value for our clients. By leveraging our negotiation skills, brokers can be confident they are getting the best possible deal for their clients.


3) Streamlined sales process: We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to selling a business. That’s why we have developed a streamlined sales process that ensures a faster and more efficient sale. Our team will handle all aspects of the sales process, including due diligence, valuation, and closing, which allows brokers to focus on their clients and grow their businesses.


4) Addressing the biggest business challenges: Based on surveyed data, we have identified the biggest business challenges companies face at different revenue levels. By partnering with us, brokers can tap into our expertise and resources to help their clients overcome these challenges. Our team can provide guidance on basic accountable leadership skills, systems and processes, measuring a balanced scorecard of KPIs, defining strategy and planning for the future, cash flow, profitability, organizational change, change management, talent engagement, communication, growth, managing growth, pipeline growth, scaling up the business, efficiency, building a team, working together, team management, culture of execution and alignment, performance and productivity measurement, getting leads, pipeline, getting clients, customer acquisition, OKR goal tracking, KPI setup, and measurement, lack of strategic plan, strategy execution, execution of strategic goals, managing strategic initiatives, executing a strategic plan, delivering an annual plan, executing on our strategy, visibility, planning, employee productivity, tracking initiatives, managing operational and financial guarantees, managing growth, consistent delivery, missing numbers and deadlines, creating a strategic operational structure, cascading strategy down multiple areas, tying individual activities to overarching goals, aligning projects to strategic planning and goals, and accountability.


Based on surveyed data, here are some of those challenges based on the level of revenues generated (Source)


<$1 million: 

  • Basic accountable leadership skills
  • Systems and Processes
  • Measuring a balanced scorecard of KPIs
  • Defining Strategy and Planning for future
  • Cash flow, Profitability
  • Organizational change, change management
  • Talent, engaging employees, communication 

$1-5 million:

  • Growth
  • Managing growth
  • Pipeline growth
  • Scaling Up your business
  • Efficiency
  • Building team, working together, team management
  • Culture of execution and alignment
  • Measuring performance and productivity 

$5-10 million:

  • Getting leads, pipeline, getting clients, customer acquisition
  • OKR goal tracking, KPI set up, and measurement
  • Lack of strategic plan
  • Strategy execution, execution of strategic goals 
  • Performance management
  • Growth

$10-25 million:

  • Managing strategic initiatives, executing strategic plan, delivering annual plan, executing on our strategy
  • Visibility
  • Planning
  • Employee productivity
  • Tracking initiatives

$25-50 million:

  • Managing operational and financial guarantees, managing growth, consistent delivery
  • Missing numbers and deadlines
  • Creating strategic operational structure
  • Cascading strategy down multiple areas, tying individual activities to overarching goals, aligning projects to strategic planning and goals
  • Accountability


In conclusion, by partnering with Menture Inc, we offer brokers many benefits, including access to a more extensive network of strategic buyers, expert negotiation skills, and a streamlined sales process. Our team’s expertise and resources can help overcome the most prominent business challenges preventing your listings from attracting eager investor interest. 

How Our Partnership Works

Here is a step by step blueprint on how we can help you close more listings:


Why Choose Us?

In summary, Menture Inc offers a range of unique advantages for brokers looking for a strategic business development partner, including access to a more extensive network of strategic buyers, expert negotiation skills, and a streamlined sales process. We also help companies overcome common business challenges, such as leadership skills, systems and processes, growth, efficiency, and strategy execution. Our team of experienced business growth professionals works closely with brokers to provide personalized support and guidance, helping them sell more listings faster and achieve their goals. By partnering with us, brokers can leverage our expertise and resources to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and achieve better client outcomes.

Our Acquisition Criteria

If you have any listings that meet the following criteria, then our team is happy to sign a blanket NDA with your company so we can start working together to help you close more deals:


  1. Revenues of at least $1,000,000+ or EBITDA/SDE of $250,000+
  2. Ready to engage a co-pilot to further the company’s growth by giving a 10-30% minority share of the business in the 1st stage. The 2nd stage will be a subsequent buyout of the remaining shares.
  3. Company has 1-3 owners with a “Collaborative Mindset.”
  4. Must currently be spending at least $5000 per month for Business development
  5. Already profitable and have had steady growth year over year for the last 3 years
  6. Has a sales team in place with available capacity to secure more new clients.
  7. Owners are coachable and ready to implement quickly the growth strategies needed to meet growth milestones and get their desired asking price!
Next Steps

We invite you to take action and partner with us to take your business-for-sale listings to the next level. By working with our team, you’ll gain access to a more extensive network of strategic buyers, expert negotiation skills, and a streamlined sales process that helps you sell more listings faster.


Our team is dedicated to helping you overcome the most significant business challenges that hinder eager investor interest, as identified by surveyed data. Whether you need help with leadership skills, defining strategy and planning for the future, or managing growth and efficiency, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.


To learn more about how our strategic business development partnership can benefit your brokerage firm to help you close more deals, call our office directly at 647-749-6944 or contact our support team at

How To Refer Unconverted Leads To The 360 Venture Acquisitions Team

As a business broker, you know the importance of finding potential business sellers ready to sell their business. But what about those who are not ready to sell yet?
Do you just discard those leads and move on to the next one?

As fellow service professionals, we understand how frustrating it can be to put in the effort and resources to reach out to potential clients only to have most of them not convert into listings.

However, what if we told you there is a way to monetize those non-converted leads of business owners not ready to sell and turn them into a source of revenue for yourself?

Let me share a story about a business broker who referred his not-ready-to-sell leads to 360 Venture Acquisitions. He would send out letters to prospective businesses at $1,000 per 1,000 letters and would typically receive a 5% response rate, resulting in 50 leads just curious about what their business could be worth. However, out of those 50 leads, only 5 would turn into business listings wanting to test the market, leaving 45 non-converted leads.

When we asked the business broker what he did with the 45 unconverted leads, he said, “I just put those aside because they didn’t want to list their business for sale yet.” Over time he had compiled hundreds of business owners who were not yet ready to sell their businesses, but he knew they would eventually consider it and hoped that he would be the one they would call when they were ready.

But what he failed to realize is that those leads still had value now, not just potential value in the future. They had demonstrated a level of interest, just not an interest in his offering of listing their business for sale. The interest they had demonstrated was an interest in further growing the company until the time that they were ready to sell.

So we suggested to him that he can monetize his conversations with business owners who are not ready to sell by referring them to complementary service providers, like us, who have services that are better suited to the needs of those leads now. He wasn’t sure at first how it would work, but after explaining the offer we had in mind, we agreed that he would receive a percentage of the profits generated from any leads that converted into our new clients.

The broker didn’t have to do any extra work, and he didn’t have to wait until the leads were ready to sell to earn money. Instead, he earned a commission based on the work that we did with these business owners. He also built a stronger relationship with those potential sellers, which led to future business.

In the end, he made more money each month from the once non-converted leads than from the ones he converted into listings, given how long listings often take to sell. The lesson is that a complementary partner like us can be your greatest cash flow ally if you understand the opportunity.

Think about it. As a business broker doing any form of marketing to generate potential clients and finding that most are not ready to sell, don’t just throw away those leads. You have a list of potential sellers who are not ready to sell yet BUT are interested in growing before they sell. Instead, by referring them to us, a firm specializing in performance-based earn-ins over time that builds the value of companies and then buys them, you can monetize those leads and turn them into a source of revenue today.

Not only will you be helping those businesses succeed in their growth goals, but you’ll also be monetizing those non-converted leads and earning additional income for yourself. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can you share how you help companies accelerate their profitability in the first stage?

Our team has several frameworks, strategies, strategic resources to increase profitability by 25%, 50% or even double during the first stage as long as the seller is willing to implement and execute 

One of our frameworks is our Profitable Exit Simulator – click here to test drive our Profit Simulator.


Can you share what is involved in the 1st stage of the acquisition?

During the first stage, our team acts as a copilot and take a 10-30% minority share where we are responsible for achieving specific agreed upon milestones that can be results based such as increase revenues or profits to 25%, 50% or 100%, or time based such as increase sales by 50% within12 months, or even event based such as implement a lead generation system to generate a consistent flow of high quality leads. There are so many different milestones that can be agreed upon in the first stage.

Also, the first stage can be anywhere from at least 1 year to 4 years and this time frame varies depending on how long the owner would like to remain the “pilot” in the company.


Can you share why you need to do a Profitable Exit Appraisal before agreeing to do a 2 stage acquisition?

A Profitable Exit Appraisal is a required step a seller must do with our team to see if they you would be a right fit for a 2-stage acquisition.

When your client invests in our Profitable Exit Appraisal, they will get a customized blueprint to position their company as “Exit Ready.” We can happily share our proprietary Profit Exit Ready Blueprint in more detail on a live call but here is a quick glance of this framework:




The one-time investment for this Profitable Exit Appraisal is calculated by half of a 1% of your gross revenues from your last Profit and Loss Statement.

So, for instance, if your gross revenues for 2022 were $2 million dollars, then your investment is $10,000.

If, for any reason, your revenues are lower than 1 million, the investment is $5000 or ½ of 1% of gross revenues – whichever is higher will be the one-time investment to see if you qualify to work with us for a 2-stage acquisition.

This is also backed by our “Maximize Company Value” guarantee where if the seller doesn’t see how they can get a profitable exit that is customized to their unique situation we will happily give them their money back.


Can you share more about your Investor Network?

Since our company has been in business since 2005, we have built many connections and have access to many strategic resources that many people do not have. We have gained the trust of our private investor network who has access to $50 million.  

Done For You Marketing - Email Templates

Our copywriting team has created some marketing and sales for you to utilize so you can educate your clients/sellers about the benefits of doing 2 stage acquisitions:


  1. If you would like to see how other brokers introduced us to their clients, click here to find sample email introductions templates you can utilize
  2. If you would like to send education emails about the advantages of 2 stage acquisitions, click here for done for you emails you can send out to your current listings, expired listings or anyone interested in a partial acquisitions.

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